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Elements Intelligent Management System

Wharf Total Elements Management Platform is a one-stop intelligent platform composed of wharf geographic information...


Wharf Total Elements Management platform is a one-stop intelligent platform composed of wharf geographic information, Production factor management, dangerous product road supervision, communication dispatching and other systems.


PortArea Geographic Information System

In order to display and view various production resource elements information in the process of production operation intuitively and comprehensively, to realize comprehensive monitoring and management, the project carries out detailed mapping of bulk grocery production area in the port area, forms accurate regional geographic information, and realizes Web map Service (WMS) based on surveying and mapping the geospatial location information data. Each layer element that uses the WMS service to implement user requests is presented to the user interface in the form of tiles without delay loading.


Full Wireless Communication Networks Coverage

In most cases, ships, cargo, production equipment, personnel and so on at the port are in a movable status, and information transmission must be relied on wireless transmission. Through planning and design, WIFI outdoor base station is established in the production area, single AP supports at least 200 concurrent users, point adjacent point distribution is between 200 and 500 meters, to achieve territory-wide production site wireless network coverage.


All-round Production Factor Resources Management


According to production data generation characteristics, different data collection methods are established: 1) On-site mobile APP intelligent tally, realizes groceries and pieces data acquisition; 2) Real-time collection of bulk cargo operation volume by door dynamic weighing system; 3) Electronic belt scale metering system transmits the bulk cargo process operation data in real time; 4) Truck scale metering system automatically collects truck overweight data. Achieve the production data electronic, automated, rapid collection through industrial automation and information system.


Hazardous Chemicals Road Transport Supervision

The platform realizes support functions that is dynamic monitoring on transportation company, vehicle, personnel qualification management and vehicle transportation status, dangerous goods logistics traceability, emergency rescue and disposal support.


Big Data + Smart Supply Chain

Perfect Information Support: Establish a collaborative work system with agents, terminals, warehousing, third-party logistics, etc., and enrich the business content of smart logistics around financing, leasing, insurance and other services. Through big data integration such as logistics matchmaking, LCL matchmaking, and smart load, we will fully realize data resources integrated on development and innovation